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Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to support organizations with fundraising efforts that generate not only funds, yet also GOOD HEALTH.

Our program’s FOCUS is on Meals, Movement and Meditation.


Do you see your congregants healthy, vibrant and whole, yet somehow, they are still on a continuum towards more signs, symptoms and disability?

Next Steps?

How can you educate, engage and equip your congregants to make lasting change in their own health and overall wellness? What will help them to become more engaged in truly improving their numbers and other biomarkers? We can help with next steps toward wellness on the continuum towards High Level Wellness.

Master Fun-Raiser

Our turnkey program is a proven fundraiser and works for any organization with 100 to 300 people that want to be healthy and raise funds. We support you all the way. You have a moneyback guarantee and a warranty on technology. Yes, you read it correctly! We have a measuring device that measures the overall health of your congregants.

You have access to fundraising resources that support you, your congregants and your community.

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Need help?

Whether you have questions about how to access the resource portal, how the fundraiser works or just need more info, we’re here to help. Check out our FAQ page or contact support.

Become a Healthy Coach and work with churches in your community

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